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Young driver car hire with Aberdeen Car Rental

Young Driver Car Hire Aberdeen

You're only young once! However, being young does have some drawbacks and one of them is trying to hire a car.

Hiring a car in Aberdeen can be difficult for anyone that is aged below 25. The main problem is that a good number of car rental companies do not offer their vehicles to anyone under 25 and a few will charge young folks a large additional fee to hire.

So, why do they do this? Well, there's only one explanation and that is insurance. It's simply unfortunate that young adults are more susceptible to car accidents and hold less driving experience than their older counterparts. But that seems a little unfair doesn't it?

Thankfully we are able to assess renters individually instead. The assessment includes their driving experience, relevant qualifications and even personality. In fact, we probably hire to more young people in Aberdeen than any other rental company.

However, what we can offer is limited. For example, our luxury cars and vehicles with higher performance levels are only available to regular hirers. In addition, because of the way our insurance works longer rental durations will offer the best overall value.

Our online booking service is currently unavailable to young drivers due to the complexities involved. So, if you are less than 25 years old and interested in renting one of our vehicles, you can talk to us on live chat, send us an email via our contact page or call us on 01224 449 179.

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