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We're the cheapest, most flexible and most convenient way to rent a car in Aberdeen, guaranteed!

Aberdeen Car Rental


We created Aberdeen Car Rental with the idea of offering the lowest car hire rates, providing top quality service and creating a very simple online booking facility for the convenience of our customers.

With these simple ideas in mind, our goal is to make our local business the name for car hire in Aberdeen.

We've been in the car rental industry since 2006, starting out with just a small range of rental vehicles and growing to have locations around Aberdeen including the airport and the railway station.

We've also been busy creating a very simple and intuitive booking system with a wide range of vehicles at affordable prices. We have high quality BMWs, sports cars, SUVs, commercial vans and more for you to choose from.

We continue to meet the demand for rental vehicles in Aberdeen and we aim to meet the changing needs of our customers and give you a higher level of service than you'd expect.

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